Rainy Days:

It’s finally time for the secrecy to end. After a great deal of planning, and a sizeable grant from the SMCPDRA (Society for the Mollification of Clapped-out Pensioners in Deprived Rural Areas), we are now able to announce that work will shortly begin on the retractable roof for Wadebridge bowling green. No longer will we trudge back and forth on the green looking miserable because of the rain. We will now be able to look miserable because that is what we prefer.

The Millennium Dome in Cardiff and the Skydome in Toronto allow sporting activities to proceed at the highest level regardless of the weather. Soon these venues will be joined by the Cameldome in Wadebridge - a modern sporting structure for a town with high(ish) speed broadband, a pedestrianised (sort of) high street, and a river that mysteriously goes up and down on a daily basis.

A project of this magnitude couldn’t be undertaken without suitable preparation. A pilot project involved the construction of a retractable test roof on a sporting venue located somewhere the other side of Plymouth. The test site is known as Centre Court Wimbledon. You won’t have heard of it.

This smaller version of the Cameldome has been judged a success, and construction work in Wadebridge will soon be underway.

Concerns have been aired about the appearance of the Cameldome. It will be up to individual club members to make their own decisions on this. But to help out, we have used the latest computer technology to allow a comparison of the outlook to bowlers with and without the dome.

This is how the inside of the Cameldome roof will appear when the roof is shut.

This is the colour of the sky on a Cornish summer’s day.

You decide.