Wadebridge Bowling Club

Tel:  07531 175044

Our lawn bowls club was founded in 1244, just years before the Black Death.  It is located on Egloshayle Road, only a short distance from the historic site of Rumbletums Burger Bar. However for the first few centuries not much happened, as bowls had not yet been invented.

Or if you are a resident of the Wadebridge area, and are tempted to have a go at playing bowls, then make contact as well. A number of“taster” sessions are available for new bowlers. Coaching is also available.


The clubhouse has been updated since the original 1244 structure. A new and imposing extension has been built. It has both stairs and ramps outside, and inside has large windows, full of glass, enabling spectators to watch the bowls without having to sit in the wind and rain.

We welcome visitors to our green. If you are planning a holiday in North Cornwall, and fancy a roll-up (at very reasonable rates), then contact our Club Secretary, Nick Powell:


Nick will be delighted to help you.

Since the 1920s the club has played on three different greens within the town.  In the twenties the bowls club was part of Wadebridge Sports Club, also incorporating tennis and cricket. However these other sports have dwindled in importance over the years, and are now all but forgotten.

Eddie Chapman was a founder member of the original Sports Club, and was President of the County Bowls Association in 1941, and again in 1962. He also served as County Secretary for a number of years (although back then very few people in Cornwall could read and write). Eddie also represented Cornwall for 23 years on the England Bowls Association council.

Eddie is on the left in the photo. Jack Cock (standing next to him) also served as County President. More recently, Alan Gawler and Peter Lawrence have filled this post.

In 2012 our own Roger Priestley served as County President. Admirers may wish to purchase his autobiography, available at all good bookshops.

And about 60 years ago, Roy Dingle played for England (but was paid less than Wayne Rooney).

Inside the pavilion, there are escalators leading up to the bistro and roof terrace. From here one has views right across to the Norfolk Broads, on a clear day. Even on a typical Cornish summer’s day, it is possible to see most of the way across the green - certainly to rink three.

On entering the pavilion, if you avoid the steps down to the wine cellar, you would certainly be impressed by the large social area, including a bar and kitchen. There are even two tiny changing rooms tucked into the corners of the building for anyone wishing to bowl.

Exciting news:  If you would like to see our new roof, you will have to wait a little longer. But thanks to the Big Lottery Fund, one is on the way. We very much appreciate their help.